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All GMC vehicles offer exceptional value for money, but that’s just the beginning. The cost of ownership of a GMC is also unmatched, throughout its lifetime. We provide all our vehicle owners with the most competitive pricing and cost efficiencies as well as completely transparent cost of maintenance. Add to that our comprehensive and extensive warranty and it’s clear why, when it comes to cost of ownership, a GMC truly is in a class of its own.


Model Year



Eng Oil & Filter

270 SAR

361 SAR

Engine Air Filter

269 SAR

183 SAR

Spark Plugs

703 SAR

536 SAR

Front Brake Pad Set

647 SAR

699 SAR

Rear Brake Pad Set

574 SAR

674 SAR

Front Disc Rotors

1,310 SAR

1,420 SAR

Rear Disc Rotors

1,457 SAR

1,564 SAR

Wiper Blades

217 SAR

340 SAR