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Menu Pricing (includes parts and labor).

All GMC vehicles offer exceptional value for money, but that’s just the beginning. The cost of ownership of a GMC is also unmatched, throughout its lifetime. We provide all our vehicle owners with the most competitive pricing and cost efficiencies as well as completely transparent cost of maintenance. Add to that our comprehensive and extensive warranty and it’s clear why, when it comes to cost of ownership, a GMC truly is in a class of its own.

Model Year




Eng Oil & Filter

297 SAR

397 SAR

397 SAR

Transmission Oil & Filter

811 SAR

1,288 SAR

1,186 SAR

Belt Set

549 SAR

1,031 SAR

697 SAR

Engine Air Filter

303 SAR

209 SAR

208 SAR

Spark Plugs

770 SAR

587 SAR

587 SAR

Cabin Air Filter


187 SAR

271 SAR

Brake Fluid

293 SAR

242 SAR

283 SAR

Engine Coolant

454 SAR

454 SAR

453 SAR

Front Brake Pad Set

709 SAR

765 SAR

766 SAR

Rear Brake Pad Set

628 SAR

738 SAR

660 SAR

Front Disc Rotors

1,435 SAR

1,555 SAR

1,337 SAR

Rear Disc Rotors

1,596 SAR

1,713 SAR

1,266 SAR

Wiper Blades

237 SAR

372 SAR

271 SAR

*Prices are valid as of 15 July 2020 and are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to your owner’s manual / warranty booklet for further information. Above prices are net and include Labour, Parts, Oils and Consumables. Prices are inclusive of any Value Added Tax (“VAT”). Prices above exclude any additional work performed. Scheduled Service is due at every 10,000 Kms, or 12 months or as indicated by the Oil Life Monitoring System, whichever comes first.